For over 20 years, we have been combing through the archival records in the USA and Europe, not only looking for ancestors and their records but the origins of family surnames.  Referring to this kind of DIG as more of a "boots on the ground" research, we connect lineage long forgotten and work for the recovery of the ancestral lines. Our goal is to provide you with the birth, death, marriage acts (basic genealogy), and to also find the town, lands, home, and family where your ancestors once lived.  

Digging the Past, Inc. has a unique footprint in Europe, and it is expanding yearly:  we perform a deep ancestral research, not only documents, and family trees, but distant family recovery, ancestral land recovery (if applicable, Italy, Ireland, and England), Coat of Arms recovery (if you are truly noble) and when possible, work to find the origins of your surname. 

We create an experience that not only allows you to know your ancestors through the documents discovered, it enables you to see where they came from, see the things they may have seen and walk in the very place they may have walked.  Our works in Ireland, England, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, and Romania creates an experience of history that would truly mark your legacy in decades and centuries to come.  

In the spring and autumn of 2018, we will be continuing surname research in the United States and the Abruzzo and Lazio regions of Italy, as well as additional research in England (Norfolk, Bristol, and Kent) to discover ancient ancestors and explore the origins of the surnames.  As a non-profit, a donation to search for your surname and ancestors will also serve as a learning tool (through a local session in the town of your choosing) for others who are also trying to find records and make connections.

Please contact us with your interest and let's see what we can dig up on your family origins.  

Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland Archives.  Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Szamosbecs, Satu Mare, Hungary


Digging the Past, Inc. 

Skrzatek family research, Stara Zbelutka. Lagow, Poland. Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

1781=1840 Satu Mare, Hungary 

McCaffrey Research:  In June of 2016 we commenced with the McCaffrey Surname Recovery Project.  After searching for the McCaffrey ancestry in the USA and Canada, we followed the historical information to Ireland and in August/September of 2016, we were able to complete the research onsite in Fermanagh CO. in the 13th century.

As part of the research, we provide a narrative of the family history and history of the area where the family originated.  This particular narrative/book for a branch of the McCaffrey family is 143 pages, hardcover, dust jacket which follows the lineage of this Irish clan from their origins (of the Maguire kings of Fermanagh, Ireland in the year 1262) to Grosse Pointe, Michigan, the USA in the 20th century.   We’ve enclosed some photos of the narrative. We are usually not too excited to use crests or coat of arms as they are not usually tied to accurate research, however in this case we have been able to identify the McCaffrey lineage through document research and through matching the Y-DNA of the McCaffrey/Maguire clan.

We have had many people help me with this effort including admins for typing up documents (which were first photographed), editors with the rewrites and so many great folks in Ireland that helped me with the numerous questions.

Surname origins research in Abruzzo.  Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Birth Record, 1886, Lithuania,

Diocese of Telsiai 

Inn and Tavern act, County of Gloucester, NJ, 1777, Thomas Mann. Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

McCaffrey Book Above:  Surname Recovery Clients receive a well-documented hardcover (with dust jacket) book of their family lineage.  The narrative has no limit to citations and pages as it covers the entire history of your specific lineage in a format that will preserve your specific history. Pictured here is a narrative that started with research in the USA and Canada, onsite research in northern Ireland archives, cemeteries and churches as well as interviews and photos from family members we were able to connect after 175 years.   

Canterbury Cathedral Archives, Kent, England.  Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Spinelli Surname Research, 15th century.  Pistoia and Florence State Archives, Tuscany, Italy. Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Archive near Lublin, Poland, Baptism Act June 9, 1776. Photo by Matthew Larcinese