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Matthew started his connection with history when he was 4 years old; digging in the silica shale quarry of Sylvania, Ohio with his father and brothers, uncovering the Trilobites, Brachiopods from the Middle Devonian Period (370-400 mya).  

He has been researching across Italy and Europe for over 20 years, conducting onsite visits to ancient towns and ruins of places long since passed and scouring records in churches, archdiocese, notaries, communes and personal collections for answers to specific questions and needs.  

Matthew has researched his own Larcinese surname back to the 15th century Abruzzo using state and church archives from all around Italy.  Using these documents, and with the help of his Y-DNA (J2, PH185 +), he has discovered his lineage from his ancestors maternal and paternal line from Italy were Jewish conversos who settled in the Abruzzo area centuries ago,  and his paternal side were the Levites.  His family owned vast amounts of land and traded homes and lands throughout the 15th through 18th century.  His ancestors were tax collectors and money lenders for the House of Caracciolo from Villa Santa Maria, Abruzzo (a branch of the Caraciollo line from Naples). 

Using the documents he has collected for over 14 years and understanding his specific DNA as it related to the town, he has been able to discover his ancestors prior to changing their name to Larcinese.  The original surname was from his ancestor, Giovanni Iacovuccio (Jacobuccio, Jacobi--Ya'akov) who settled in Gessopalena.  Matthew has purchased the ancient homes and the many hectares of lands of his ancestors in Abruzzo, Italy. 

He is currently working on client projects in, Virginia, Massachusetts,  England, Ireland, Poland, Germany (south), Hungary as well as the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Veneto regions of Italy. 

Matthew is a member of the Leicestershire Archaeological & Historical Society in England, The Yeshiva University Museum, New York and the Center for Jewish History, New York.   He has a BBA, Finance and recently completed his MA in Museum Studies/Heritage and Interpretation at the University of Leicester, UK, focusing on the medieval church customs, archives, relics, and medieval antiquities.  

Ludovica Pimpinella-English/Italian Translation

American and Italian Liaison

Ludovica approaches translation from the love of communication and knowledge-- dismissing the idea that language could constitute barriers when it was not spoken in the same way. She decided to dedicate herself to foreign languages   at a young age, continuing at University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and specializing with a Master’s Degree in Business and Legal Translation. 

She has been translating ancient Italian documents, birth certificates, marriage records, will and testaments, especially from 15th and 16th centuries, fascinated by the charm of past and joining it to the love for translation.

She is involved full-time to tackling gender-based violence in an NGO based in Rome, fighting everyday to eradicate violence especially on women and children, thanks to social awareness and acquaintance.

Theater and art lover. Ludavica states: “Rome means everything to me. I could never live without the fascination and magnificence of the Eternal City."

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